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Replacement Chamber for the Main Access Power Ionizer

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Do you feel like you spend more time maintaining your swimming pool than you do enjoying your swimming pool? Then, you should consider an automatic pool cleaning system. There are a lot of products available to swimming pool owners to keep their pools clean without doing it themselves or even hiring someone else to do it. A good answer to your pool cleaning dilemma is a Main Access Power Ionizer. Now, unfortunately, power ionizers do demand some maintenance such as changing the replacement chamber for the Main Access Power Ionizer. But as soon as you see how clean your pool gets and stays, you will be very pleased with your investment.

The Main Access Power Ionizer safely and effectively uses a low DC voltage current to disperse positively charged silver and copper ions into your pool water. Since bacteria, algae, and viruses are negatively charged, they naturally attract and bind to the positively charged ions. This process destroys the bacteria and they are removed from your pool through the filtration system. Running the Main Access Power Ionizer once a week will result in a sanitized pool that no longer requires expensive and harmful pool chemicals.

You will know when it is time for a replacement chamber for the Main Access Power Ionizer, because a light on the chamber will light up. It is necessary to replace this chamber because it contains the positively charged silver and copper ions that essentially clean and sanitize your pool. Depending on how large your pool is and how often you use the power ionizer will determine how long the chamber will last. But generally, the chamber lasts for an entire pool season.

So before you break your back or break a sweat cleaning your pool this season, run and pick up a Main Access Power Ionizer and the replacement chamber for the Main Access Power Ionizer.